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Take advantage of limited-time promotions on Cisco IoT products

Accelerate your industrial transformation, improve operational efficiency, and simplify your industrial network by deploying Cisco’s exceptional solutions for industrial IoT.

Kick-start your project with these special offers

Wireless backhaul for mobility: up to 36% off

Get up to 36% on Cisco FM4500 Mobi or FM4500 Fiber hardware and software bundles.?

Valid through December 31, 2023

Wireless backhaul for fixed infrastructure: up to 32% off

Get up to 32% on Cisco FM3200 Base and FM1200 Volo hardware and software bundles.

Valid through December 31, 2023

Industrial routers: up to 28% off

Get a discount of up to 28% on Cisco Catalyst IR1100 or IR1800 Rugged Series Routers with Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard and Secure Equipment Access.

Valid through January 31, 2024

Substation automation: up to 30% off

Improve substation reliability and security with Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series Router.

Valid through?January 31, 2024

Get your OT security project started and save big

Buy Cisco Catalyst IE3300 or Catalyst IE3400 Rugged Series switches and get one year of Cyber Vision for as little as 2% extra.

Valid through July 2024

Instant savings on software licenses

Take advantage of your Enterprise Agreement to save on Cisco software licenses for your industrial network.

This ongoing offer is available globally.

How to buy Cisco IoT solutions

Find an IoT Specialized partner

Buy the right industrial networking solution with the help of a Cisco partner to generate quotes and place orders.

Speak to an advisor today

Find the right industrial networking solution. Cisco advisors can offer you guidance on products and connect you with a Cisco partner.

Flexible payment options

Make the most of your budget with payments spread over time and no upfront costs.

Get expert guidance

Have all your questions answered and get product recommendations based on your use case. Request a one-on-one discussion with one of our industrial networking experts.

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