Ghost Skies - IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Dynamic Campaign

presents a new dynamic campaign for IL-2: Cliffs of Dover

Ghost Skies is an immersive online series of campaigns with missions that are centered around the core concept of a single "life" for pilots or aircrew. Regardless of the situation, survival should always be a priority. Our campaigns feature an expansive and complex logistics system that ties into both the air war and the player controlled ground war. Team commanders must manage industrial production and coordinate air operations to support their ground forces. Victory is determined by meeting objectives, not simply accumulating points. downloads installation windows,linux 0
Special thanks to:

Bard @ Angels & Airspeed for hosting our game server.

Halcones Rojos for their incredible dynamic campaign generator HRCodWar, from which Ghost Skies is based.

Ghost Skies runs a 2-hour mission twice a week. Mission nights are Sunday and Tuesday, from 9:30pm to 11:30pm ET. Campaigns are run on our custom modified version of HRCodWar, a dynamic campaign system originally developed by members of the Halcones Rojos. The missions are dynamically generated and based on the previous mission's results. Every single action that each player takes, no matter how large or small, will directly affect the course of the campaign. If you are looking for a challenging online experience that rewards teamwork, tactics, and strategy, we invite you to check out Ghost Skies.

Campaign events from mission No. 1:
13.69 - Unit AAA_21615_AXIS (4_cm_Flak_28) has been destroyed in sector AM19 by 69th_Sawham|Detonation.
13.81 - 69th_Kendy falls behind enemy lines in sector AN20. However, he avoids being captured and gets back with his troops.
13.88 - Unit AAA_21176_ALLIED (3_7_inch_QF_Mk_I) has been destroyed in sector AP20 by II./JG1_Schulte|Gun.
13.93 - Unit AAA_21268_ALLIED (Bofors) has been destroyed in sector AP20 by II./JG1_Schulte|Gun.
14.12 - Weather forecast for the next mission: Partly cloudy above 1000 meters.
14.12 - End of hostilities on mission No. 1.

There are 9 pilots who have not died at any time during the campaign.

  • 3./JG51_Stecher: sorties (1) / captures (0)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_biggles3: sorties (1) / captures (0)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_Kendy: sorties (1) / captures (0)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_Lucky}{awk: sorties (0) / captures (0)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_Onafa: sorties (2) / captures (0)
    Destroyed: almacen_ammo (2), almacen_bombs (2), almacen_fuel (1)
    Details: Storage bunker of ammo (2), Storage bunker of bombs (2), Storage bunker of fuel (1)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_Red}{awk: sorties (1) / captures (0)
    Destroyed: almacen_fuel (3), central (1)
    Details: Storage bunker of fuel (3), Power plant No. 12 (1)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_Sawham: sorties (2) / captures (0)
    Destroyed: 4_cm_Flak_28 (1), almacen_ammo (1)
    Details: AAA_21615_AXIS (1), Storage bunker of ammo (1)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • 69th_SunDog: sorties (1) / captures (0)
    Medical procedures: 0
  • II./JG1_Schulte: sorties (2) / captures (0)
    Destroyed: 3_7_inch_QF_Mk_I (1), Bofors (1)
    Details: AAA_21176_ALLIED (1), AAA_21268_ALLIED (1)
    Medical procedures: 0
69th 2,925 points.
II./JG1 250 points.
I./JG1 0 points.
STAB/JG1 0 points.
III./JG1 0 points.
ACG/JG26 0 points.
II./JG77 0 points.
3./JG51 0 points.
JG27 0 points.
III./JG27 0 points.
J√ĄGER 0 points.
=BLW= 0 points.
DD 0 points.
[<(BR)>] 0 points.
AKA 0 points.
ATAG 0 points.
TUSA 0 points.
ALLIED 0 points.
AXISGROUND 0 points.
AXIS 0 points.
[BRA] 0 points.